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Designing the staircase for your new loft extension

When considering the plan for your new loft conversion some of the biggest decisions often surround the staircase. Where to put the stairs is often the biggest question, which I cover in a previous blog here, but the design is often just as crucial and can even influence the location so they should be considered…

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Where to locate the stairs for your loft conversion

The staircase to the new loft room is one of the biggest design considerations when planning your loft conversion. Access and the best use of the space are two of the most important things to think about. The most important requirement of a staircase is to provide safe and efficient access from floor to floor.…

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Planning A Loft Conversion

When Planning a loft extension, having a detailed plan will help things to run smoothly and keep your loft conversion cost under control.  You will already have a quoted figure, and will have allocated funds to the cost your loft extension. You should also have been made aware of any additional requirements or potential problems…

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